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Provision ThingsBoard Edge on ThingsBoard CE server

Step 1: Obtain and configure license key

You can use ThingsBoard Edge software based on a license subscription. We assume you have already chosen your subscription plan or decided to purchase a perpetual license. If not, please navigate to pricing page to select the best license option for your case and get your license. See How-to get pay-as-you-go subscription or How-to get perpetual license for more details.

Once you get the license secret, please put it to a safe place. We will use it for ThingsBoard Edge provisioning in the next steps.

Step 2: Provision the edge on ThingsBoard server

In order to connect ThingsBoard Edge you must create Edge entity on the ThingsBoard server first.


You can create Edge entity on ThingsBoard server in case you are using 3.3 version or higher.

Create edge entity

Please make sure you have ThingsBoard Edge license key from Step 1 in front of you.

  • Login to your ThingsBoard CE instance and open "Edge Instances" page.
  • Click on the "+" icon in the top right corner. Select "Add new edge".
  • Input edge name and license key (from Step 1). For example, "My New Edge" and "XXXXXXYYYYYYZZZZZZ". Additionally, please update cloud endpoint if required - this URL should be accessible by the edge. If edge is running in a docker container "localhost" is always wrong. It must be IP address of the machine where ThingsBoard CE is running and accessible by the edge container. If you are using ThingsBoard Live Demo server to evaluate edge please set it as https://demo.thingsboard.io. Click "Add" to add the edge.
  • Now your edge should be listed first, since table sort edges using created time by default.

Copy Edge credentials

Once you have created Edge entity Edge key and Edge secret will be autogenerated for this edge. You will use these credentials to connect edge to the cloud.

  • Click "Copy Edge key" and "Copy Edge secret" in edge details to copy your edge credentials to the clipboard and store them to some place, these values will be used in further steps.

Next steps

Once ThingsBoard Edge provisioned on ThingsBoard server please follow Installation Guide - this guide will help you to install ThingsBoard Edge and connect it to ThingsBoard server.