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What is ThingsBoard Edge?

The ThingsBoard Edge is a ThingsBoardā€™s software product for edge computing. It allows bringing data analysis and management to the edge, while seamlessly synchronizing with ThingsBoard CE/PE server (cloud).

ThingsBoard is an open-source IoT platform for data collection, processing, visualization, and device management. See What is ThingsBoard? if you are new platform user.


ThingsBoard Edge features

With ThingsBoard Edge you get the following benefits:

  • Local deployment and storage to operate with and store data from local devices without internet connection. Push updates to the cloud once connection restored.


  • Traffic filtering to filter data from devices on the ThingsBoard Edge service and push to cloud only subset of the data.


  • Local alarms to react instantly to critical situations on site if there is no connection with the cloud.


  • Monitor local events and timeseries data with a real-time dashboards.
  • Batch Update thousands of edge configurations in a single click.


  • Local storage to store data from the devices on the edge if there is no internet connection and push to the cloud updates once connection restored.

ThingsBoard Edge inherits features from ThingsBoard CE/PE to provide you the same experience how to connect, manage and process data from your devices.

It supports next ThingsBoard Community Edition features:

  • Attributes - assign and manage custom attributes to your entities.
  • Telemetry - API for collection of time-series data of your devices.
  • Entities and relations - model physical world objects (e.g. devices and assets) and relations between them.
  • Data visualization - develop custom dashboards and widgets.
  • Rule engine - manage data processing & actions on incoming telemetry and events.
  • RPC - send remote procedure calls (RPC) both from edge and cloud sides to devices and vice versa.
  • Audit log - track user activity.
  • API Limits - control and limit number of API requests from a single host.

As well ThingsBoard Edge supports major ThingsBoard PE features:

  • White-labeling - allows you to configure a custom menu, logo, color scheme, email server settings, customer email templates to interact with the users etc.
  • Scheduler - allows you to schedule various types of events with flexible schedule configuration.
  • Entity Groups - allows you to organize entities into groups, assign roles to specific user group, grant specific permissions to specific user groups over specific device groups.

Project Roadmap

ThingsBoard Edge Roadmap

Next Steps

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