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Provision ThingsBoard Edge on ThingsBoard PE server

Provision the edge on ThingsBoard server

To establish a connection with ThingsBoard Edge, you first need to create an Edge entity on the ThingsBoard server.

Create edge entity

  • Sign in to your ThingsBoard PE instance and navigate to the "Edge Management" -> "Instances" page. Click the "+" icon in the top right corner and select "Add Edge".
  • Enter a name for your edge. For instance, "My New Edge". If necessary, update the cloud endpoint. This URL should be accessible from the edge. If the edge is running in a Docker container, using "localhost" is incorrect. It must be the IP address of the machine where ThingsBoard PE is running and accessible by the edge container. If you are using the ThingsBoard Cloud server to evaluate the edge, leave this setting as it is. Click "Add" to create your new edge.
  • Your new edge should now appear at the top of the list, as entries are sorted by creation time by default.

Copy Edge credentials

After the Edge entity has been created, the Edge Key and Edge Secret will be auto-generated for this edge. You’ll use these credentials to link the edge with the cloud.

  • Click on "Copy Edge Key" and "Copy Edge Secret" in the edge details section. This will copy your edge credentials to your clipboard. Be sure to store them in a secure location, as these values will be needed in the following steps.

Next steps

For further assistance, refer to the Edge Install Guide. This guide will aid in the installation of ThingsBoard Edge and its connection to the ThingsBoard server.