ThingsBoard Documentation

Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.
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Plugins page

Plugins Administration UI page displays a table of system and tenant specific plugins. Each plugin has a separate card. You are able to do following operations:

See Rule Engine documentation for more details.


Plugin details

Each plugin is a represented as a separate card. You are able to edit plugin configuration and review the plugin events in the Plugin details panel.


You are also able to review plugin life-cycle events, stats, and errors during message processing. Please note that in case of frequent errors the error messages are sampled.


Plugin import/export

Plugin export

You are able to export your plugin to JSON format and import it to the same or another ThingsBoard instance.

In order to export plugin, you should navigate to the Plugins page and click on the export button located on the particular plugin card.


Plugin import

Similar, to import the plugin you should navigate to the Plugins page and click on the big “+” button in the bottom-right part of the screen and then click on the import button.


Note All imported plugins are in the suspended state. Don’t forget to activate your plugin after import.


Possible issues while importing the plugin: