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Stop the WAR

ThingsBoard statement on the war in Ukraine

Russia has begun a large-scale military attack on Ukraine on the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As you may know, ThingsBoard was created by several Ukrainian software engineers in 2016. Although we have more than 100 contributors worldwide, the core team of ThingsBoard is in Ukraine. We will never forget who started this war. Ukrainians are a peaceful nation that never attacked anyone. Don’t believe the russian propaganda.

Message to our users and clients from the civilized world

Thank you for all the support and help that you have already provided.

The company’s main priority is to continue providing high-quality products and support to our clients. We have several other engineers outside Ukraine, and most of our team re-assemble in the western part of our country. Our support, development and sales teams are fully operational. We host all our servers outside Ukraine in AWS regions (US).

We support the Ukrainian army and volunteer organizations as much as we can. We ask you to do the same:

Support Ukraine

Message to our users and clients from Russia

We expect you to protest against the war! You are responsible for this madness because you allowed your leader to do this. Unfortunately, we can’t block you from using open-source version of our products. However, we will stop sales of our licenses to russian companies asap.

Don’t believe your government. See photos of the mass destruction of civilians and your young soldiers who were sent to the war against their will. You have the power to stop this madness.