ThingsBoard Documentation

Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.

Installing ThingsBoard IoT Gateway on Windows

Step 1. Install Java 8

IoT Gateway requires Java 8. If you don’t have Java installed, please download and install Java 8 using this link.

Step 2. Download and unzip installation files

Create a working directory, for example, “C:\tb-gateway”. Download and unzip this installation archive to the working directory. The working directory should look like this after installation


Step 3. Run installation script

Run install.bat script to install Gateway as a Windows service. This means it will be automatically started on system startup. Similar, uninstall.bat will remove Gateway from Windows services.

NOTE Scripts listed above should be executed using Administrator Role.

Detecting if it is 64-bit machine
CurrentVersion 1.8
Java 1.8 found!
Installing tb-gateway ...
2017-01-31 02:26:50,704 INFO  - Starting ServiceWrapper in the CLI mode
2017-01-31 02:26:50,907 INFO  - Completed. Exit code is 0

Congratulations! ThingsBoard IoT Gateway is now installed on your Windows machine as a service.

Step 4. Configure your gateway

Let’s configure your gateway before we start it!

Let’s skip extension configuration for now. We need to validate that gateway is able to successfully connect to ThingsBoard server first.

Navigate to the configuration folder (“C:\tb-gateway\conf” in our case) and configure the connection to ThingsBoard server. See getting started or general configuration for more details.

Step 5. Launch your gateway

Now let’s start the gateway! Open command prompt as an Administrator and execute the following command

net start tb-gateway

Expected output:

The ThingsBoard Gateway service is starting.
The ThingsBoard Gateway service was started successfully.

In order to restart the gateway you can execute following commands

net stop tb-gateway
net start tb-gateway

Step 6. Troubleshooting your installation

The log files are located in logs folder (“C:\tb-gateway\logs” in our case).

The tb-gateway.log file should contain following line:

YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss,sss [main] INFO  o.t.gateway.GatewayApplication - Started GatewayApplication in seconds (JVM running for

In case of any unclear errors, use general troubleshooting guide or contact us.

Next Steps

Use OPC-UA, MQTT, Sigfox Backend or Modbus slave extensions to integrate your devices with ThingsBoard platform.