ThingsBoard Documentation

Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.

Install ThingsBoard IoT Gateway using Docker.

This guide will help you to install and start ThingsBoard Gateway using Docker on Windows.



Click the Docker QuickStart icon to launch a pre-configured Docker Toolbox terminal.

Make sure your have logged in to docker hub using command line.

Execute the following command to run this docker directly:

docker run -it -v %HOMEPATH%/tb-gateway/config:/thingsboard_gateway/config -v %HOMEPATH%/tb-gateway/extensions:/thingsboard_gateway/extensions -v %HOMEPATH%/tb-gateway/logs:/thingsboard_gateway/logs --name tb-gateway --restart always thingsboard/tb-gateway


Detaching, stop and start commands

You can detach from session terminal with Ctrl-p Ctrl-q - the container will keep running in the background.

To reattach to the terminal (to look at Gateway logs) run:

docker attach tb-gateway

To stop the container:

docker stop tb-gateway

To start the container:

docker start tb-gateway

Gateway configuration

Stop the container:

docker stop tb-gateway

Open the directory with configuration files:


Configure gateway to work with your instance of ThingsBoard, using this guide:

Start the container after made changes:

docker start tb-gateway


In order to update to the latest image, execute the following commands:

$ docker pull thingsboard/tb-gateway
$ docker stop tb-gateway
$ docker rm tb-gateway
$ docker run -it -v $HOME/tb-gateway/config:/etc/thingsboard-gateway/config -v $HOME/tb-gateway/extensions:/var/lib/thingsboard_gateway/extensions -v $HOME/tb-gateway/logs:/var/log/thingsboard-gateway --name tb-gateway --restart always thingsboard/tb-gateway