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Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.


ThingsBoard PE Feature

Only Professional Edition supports Scheduler feature.

Use ThingsBoard Cloud or install your own platform instance.


ThingsBoard allows you to schedule various types of events with flexible schedule configuration. ThingsBoard Scheduler fires configured scheduler events according to their schedule. When scheduler event is fired the Rule Engine Message is generated from the event configuration which has a similar structure with a Rule Engine Message. Generated message is then forwarded to Rule Engine and processed starting from the Root Rule Chain.


Video tutorial

See video tutorial below for step-by-step instruction how to use this feature.

Scheduler Administration

Tenant administrator and customer users are able to configure Scheduler events in ThingsBoard.


Scheduler events page displays current configured scheduler events. It allows to add, update or delete scheduler events. The page can be presented in two modes List view or Calendar view. The views can be switched by pressing corresponding icons in the page header.


In the calendar view mode scheduler events are presented as labels according to their schedule.


By default calendar view is presented as Month view type. Calendar view type dropdown allows to switch to other view types. The following view types can be selected:

New scheduler event can be created by clicking on + button in top right corner or by clicking on any cell of Calendar view.

Scheduler Event Dialog

Scheduler event edit dialog consist of two forms Configuration and Schedule.


Configuration form allows to set event type and event configuration parameters according to selected event type. Configuration of scheduler event is described in Scheduler Event Types section.

Schedule form allows to setup event schedule configuration.


Schedule form has the following parameters:

Scheduler Event Types

In Configuration Event type field can be selected existing event type or specified custom one.

Custom Type

Custom type uses default scheduler event configuration form according to message structure.


Generate Report

Allows to schedule reports generation supported by Reporting feature.



Update Attributes

Allows to schedule update of attributes for entity or group of entities.


Send RPC Request to Device

Allows to schedule command (RPC call) to device or group of devices.


Scheduler Widget

ThingsBoard provides ability to manage scheduler events via Scheduler events or Reports schedule Widgets which is part of Scheduling Widgets Bundle.


Scheduler events widget has same capabilities as Scheduler events page. Additionally it can be customized with predefined forms for custom scheduler event types. This can be achieved by configuring list of Custom event types in Advanced tab of widget configuration.


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