TOP SUPPLIER RETAIL 2024: ThingsBoard and Schwarz Group’s Award-Winning Partnership

A new achievement and what does it mean to all

The retail technology landscape is evolving rapidly, driven by the transformative power of the Internet of Things (IoT). In this innovative arena, the partnership between ThingsBoard and Schwarz IT shines brightly. This collaboration has secured ThingsBoard the prestigious “TOP SUPPLIER RETAIL 2024” award from the EHI Retail Institute, confirming our leadership in IoT solutions for retail.

Revolutionizing Retail Operations with IoT

The Schwarz Group, known for its Lidl and Kaufland supermarket brands, operates over 13,000 stores in 32 countries. Facing the challenge of managing diverse technical equipment across its vast network, Schwarz IT turned to the proven capabilities of the ThingsBoard platform. This strategic choice has been transformative, standardizing technologies and use cases across all supermarkets and ensuring customized, secure access to data for each store.

Technical Innovations and Operational Excellence

At the heart of our partnership with the Schwarz Group is the innovative use of the ThingsBoard IoT platform, which excels in integrating a vast array of devices across the entire network of supermarkets. This platform addresses the challenge of connecting devices utilizing a wide variety of communication protocols, including LoRaWAN, SigFox, MQTT gateways, and more. Such versatility ensures that regardless of the specific technology used by each device, seamless integration, and data consolidation is achieved.

Each store enjoys secure access to its data, enhancing the operational efficiency and responsiveness of the retail environment. Moreover, the IoT portal acts as a crucial visualization layer, presenting all relevant data from the connected devices in an accessible format. This enables staff to quickly analyze and rectify faults, thereby minimizing impact and enhancing customer experience.

This approach not only connects over 500,000 individual devices across the Schwarz Group’s network, reducing operating costs significantly, but also provides the freedom to select the most suitable device providers and suppliers. The strategic use of the ThingsBoard platform accelerates the digitization process by streamlining the interaction between data consumers and devices, demonstrating the platform’s agility and future-proof design. It facilitates the rapid deployment of new use cases in a standardized way, simplifying maintenance throughout the lifecycle and significantly contributing to the digital transformation of the retail space.

Acknowledgment and Looking Forward

The recognition of Schwarz IT as the “Best Enterprise Retail Solution 2024” and ThingsBoard as the “TOP SUPPLIER RETAIL 2024” by the EHI Retail Institute highlights the transformative impact of our platform on the Schwarz Group’s retail operations. This reward underscores our commitment to excellence and innovation in the retail sector.

The partnership between Schwarz Group and ThingsBoard stands as a beacon of innovation. As we look toward the future, the Schwarz + ThingsBoard alliance continues to shape the retail landscape with unparalleled solutions and a commitment to excellence.

Alex Doan, EVP at ThingsBoard

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