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ThingsBoard Cloud Documentation

The ThingsBoard Cloud documentation can help you to start with ThingsBoard Cloud, learn about the platform and get your IoT projects running on ThingsBoard Cloud.

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ThingsBoard Cloud Features

  • Attributes - platform ability to assign custom key-value attributes to your entities (e.g configuration, data processing, visualization parameters).
  • Telemetry - API for collection of time-series data and related use cases.
  • Entities and relations - platform ability to model physical world objects (e.g. devices and assets) and relations between them.
  • Data visualization - covers data visualization capabilities: Widgets, Dashboards, Dashboard states.
  • Rule engine - covers data processing & actions on incoming telemetry and events.
  • RPC - API and widgets to push commands from your apps and dashboards to devices and vice versa.
  • Audit log - tracking of user activity and API calls usage.
  • API Limits - controlling API usage, by limiting number of requests from single host during single time unit.
  • Advanced filters - filters over entity fields, attributes and latest telemetry.
  • White-labeling - configure your company or product logo, color scheme and mail tempates in 2 minutes.
  • Platform Integrations - connect devices using connectivity solutions like NB IoT, LoRaWAN and SigFox, specific payload formats or various IoT Platforms
  • Device & asset groups - configure multiple custom device & asset groups.
  • Scheduler - schedule various types of events (i.e. configuration updates, report generation, rpc commands) with flexible configuration options.
  • Reporting - generate reports using existing dashboards and distribute them to end-users via email.
  • CSV/XLS data export - export data from widgets to CSV or XLS.
  • File Storage - ability to store binary content (files) in the DB.

Video Tutorials

The ThingsBoard Youtube channel contains useful video tutorials that cover various platform features.