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ThingsBoard Cloud

ThingsBoard Cloud is a fully managed, scalable and fault-tolerant platform for your IoT applications

ThingsBoard Cloud is for everyone who would like to use ThingsBoard Professional Edition but don’t want to host their own instance of the platform.

Improved time to market

Save time on maintenance of the platform or configuration of the features.

Advanced features

Platform supports all Professional Edition features and advanced domain management.

Reduced costs

The cost of the cluster infrastructure is shared between the users of the platform.

High availability

ThingsBoard Cloud uses microservices architecture and is deployed in multiple availability zones.

Data durability

Platform uses data replication and backup procedures to make sure you don’t lose the data.

Feature Comparison Matrix

Asset management & Data collection
End-user real-time dashboards
Customizable rule chains, widgets
MQTT, HTTP, CoAP, OPC-UA transport
Integrations with BigData systems
NB-IoT, SigFox, LoRaWAN support Basic Advanced Advanced
Rule Engine: Components Basic Advanced Advanced
Entity groups
Advanced RBAC for IoT
CSV/XLS data export
Platform Integrations
Domain management
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