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ThingsBoard Professional Edition

Advanced ThingsBoard IoT Platform distribution

with value added features


Rebrand ThingsBoard platform web interface with your company or product logo and color scheme in 2 minutes. No coding or service restart required. Allow your customers and their sub-customers to white-label their interface as well.

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white labeling

Advanced RBAC for IoT

Advanced management of user roles and permissions. Manage hierarchy of customers with multiple levels of sub-customers, independent users and devices.

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integrations list

Platform Integrations

Stream data from devices connected to existing IoT Platforms to enable real-time interactive dashboards and efficient data processing. Connect NB IoT, LoRaWAN and SigFox devices with specific payload formats using highly customizable data converters. Design and plugin your own converter as a JavaScript functions in real-time.

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entity groups

Entity Groups

Group your entities (device, assets, etc.) to simplify administration tasks. Customize set of columns for each group and trigger actions on entities directly from administration interface.

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Schedule various types of events including report generation, commands to devices and configuration updates with flexible schedule configuration.

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Generate great looking reports using dashboards visualization capabilities. Generate reports by schedule or export by demand.

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export list
data export

CSV/XLS data export

Export any dashboard widget data to CSV or XLS format. Allow your customers to download valuable insights from their device's data and review them in offline mode.

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Feature Comparison Matrix

Asset management & Data collection checked checked checked
End-user real-time dashboards checked checked checked
Customizable rule chains, widgets checked checked checked
MQTT, HTTP, CoAP, OPC-UA transport checked checked checked
Integrations with BigData systems checked checked checked
NB-IoT, SigFox, LoRaWAN support Basic Advanced Advanced
Rule Engine: Componentshelp Basic Advanced Advanced
Entity groupshelp unchecked checked checked
Advanced RBAC for IoThelp unchecked checked checked
Schedulerhelp unchecked checked checked
Reportinghelp unchecked checked checked
White-labelinghelp unchecked checked checked
CSV/XLS data exporthelp unchecked checked checked
Platform Integrationshelp unchecked checked checked
Domain managementhelp unchecked unchecked checked
Flexible deployment options

Flexible deployment options

Deploy ThingsBoard platform in the cloud or on premises. Use commodity hardware to scale out horizontally by adding new nodes to your cluster. Single ThingsBoard server can support 10 000+ devices and 100M messages per hour, while simple cluster can support millions of devices and billions of messages.

Simple and predictable pricing models

Simple and predictable pricing models

Say "No!" to per message or per device pricing that turns to a monster bills in production system. ThingsBoard PE supports two simple and predictable pricing models depending on your product life-cycle stage.