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All subscription plans include unlimited customers, dashboards, integrations, api calls, datapoints & messages


To become familiar with ThingsBoard PE features

10 /Month

Up to 10 Devices
and 10 Assets
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Community support



The subscription is designed for PoCs and prototyping

99 /Month

Up to 100 Devices
and 100 Assets
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Community support




For upcoming IoT Unicorns

199 /Month

Up to 500 Devices
and 500 Assets
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Email support within 36 hours




For established mid-level market players with mature IoT approach

299 /Month

Up to 1000 Devices
and 1000 Assets
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Email support within 24 hours




Consider youself a Fortune 500 company in the field? Subscribe this plan

500 /Month

Unlimited number
of Devices and Assets
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Email support within 12 hours




Perpetual Fallback License

Use your ThingsBoard instance forever


Get your license
Email support within 24 hours

1 year of software updates

Unlimited Devices and Assets


Integrations feature

Unlimited datapoints
and messages

Unlimited API calls


Frequently asked questions


Pay-as-you-go license is based on different subscription plans and represents a typical SaaS model. Each plan is usually limited by the number of devices or assets that ThingsBoard instance will manage. The billing is being provided either monthly or yearly. Your credit card will be charged once per billing period, at the beginning of the corresponding period.

Perpetual fallback license is a license that allows you to use specific version of software, without an active subscription to it. Whenever you purchase a perpetual fallback license you get one year of software updates included. You can purchase additional updates if required. Typical price for one year update package is within 40% of inital license cost.

Example 1: Let's assume you purchased one license for ThingsBoard v2.4 in June 2019 and received an update to ThingsBoard v3.0 in May 2020. This means you can continue using this ThingsBoard v3.0 instance forever. You can also migrate to different hardware without issues.

Example 2: Let's assume you purchased one license for ThingsBoard v2.4 in June 2019 and received an update to ThingsBoard v3.0 in May 2020. This means you can continue using this ThingsBoard v3.0 instance forever. Later, in August 2020 we released v3.1. In order to get the v3.1 update, you will need to purchase an additional year of software updates for ThingsBoard PE which will cost 1199 USD. However, you can continue using v3.0 without updates.

Yes. One of the greatest features of ThingsBoard License Server is the ability to change subscription plans. Now it is as simple as that. The flow is: Subscription details — Update subscription — Choose a plan. Also there is an Update subscription button in the action icons tray.

Yes, definitely! For that purpose we made a possibility to Activate/Deactivate instance. In order to migrate between servers customer must deactivate its instance, install the software on new server and then use already existing license secret. Backup of all data from previos instance is necessary if customer wants to continue utilizing same environment after migration. Notice: license check mechanism won't allow using ThingsBoard Professional Edition on two or more servers simultaneously (unless you purchase two instances of the same subscription plan).

Customer may cancel the subscription and purchase a perpetual license. The remain costs from terminated subscription plan (if remain) will be deducted from Total cost for the perpetual license. Keep in mind: perpetual license is non-cancelable. So, customer can not stop using perpetual license and rely on total price for any subscription plan to be decreased.


Customer may still use ThingsBoard Professional Edition Live Demo for that. 30 days of seamless experience and the newest features, except white-labeling, from the latest source code! Note: Live Demo is a shared environment with hardware and software limitations. It is introduced to host multiple trial tenants on the same server instance(s).

As customers may see from the Purchase form, using of special coupons for discount is possible. Time after time we grant coupons to our regular customers (read newsletters), provide promo codes during events and distribute coupons to our partners.

We have clear and transparent conditions for partners. Send us a request via contact us and we will discuss with you all benefits of cooperation with ThingsBoard Inc.

Customers may manage their subscription plans: update or cancel them. Once the subscription is deleted before expiration, Stripe will keep the balance. After a certain time period (about an hour) positive Amount due with the remain credits will appear in Billing section of License portal. This sum is deducted from Total fee whenever particular customer purchase a new plan or a perpetual license.


Community support is free-of-charge option. It is a volonteering initiative, provided by our team and other ThingsBoard contributors. Please, be aware that support services is one of ThingsBoard Inc. business fields. Although our engineers successfully handle community support requests in their free time, this doesn't mean any obligation for ThingsBoard Inc. We encourage you to read documentation, subscribe to our YouTube channel where we host the free Education course and most demanded tutorials, samples and guides.

Customer may also rely on answers from ThingsBoard community on GitHub (issues page), send their queries to Q&A forum and start Stack Overflow themes.

We provide support bundles which contain server issues and application development tips. Please review ThingsBoard professional support plans. Also we will add ability to buy support plan from License portal.

For StartUp, Business and Enterprise licensees as well as Perpetual licensees we provide email response on any issue within certain amount of time, if separate support agreement is not signed. Solution time depends on issue severity and may require a meeting with out team member