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ThingsBoard Edge

Distribute data processing and analysis using edge computing

Introducing ThingsBoard Edge CE and PE: Our software products specifically designed for edge computing

With ThingsBoard Edge, data analysis and management are executed at the edge, right where data is created. Furthermore, it synchronizes seamlessly with the ThingsBoard cloud platform (Cloud, Demo, PE, or CE) to cater to your specific business requirements.

Local Deployment and Storage

Process and store data from local (edge) devices independently of the cloud. Sync updates with the cloud once connectivity is restored.

Edge CE Edge PE

Data Filtering

Use the ThingsBoard Edge service to filter data from local (edge) devices and forward only a subset of data to the cloud for further processing or storage.

Edge CE Edge PE

Local Alarms

Respond instantly to critical situations on-site, even without cloud connectivity.

Edge CE Edge PE

Batch Update and Visualization

Update thousands of edge configurations with a single click. Monitor local events and timeseries data using a real-time dashboard.

Edge CE Edge PE

More about ThingsBoard Edge strengths

Robust and Efficient

A single Edge instance is capable of handling up to 1,000 devices, depending on the use-case and the capabilities of the deployed hardware.


The Edge system collects all messages and events in a persistent layer. Selected messages can be transferred to the cloud, as per necessity.


Enhancing functionality is effortless with our rule engine, alongside the ability to customize widgets and dashboards to your preference.


Distribute your computational tasks and data analysis across thousands of Edge instances for superior scalability.

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