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Smart Buildings

Environmental Energy Controls

Environmental Energy Controls delivers turnkey "End-to-End" solutions relating to Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

Our company operates with the Smart Building Technology sector and were looking for a solution that was adaptable, programmable and easy to use for providing complete solutions to our existing customers with good clear visualisations of their data. We had researched and tried other solutions but no other could match this platform in terms of its capability. Once learning the basics, we could quickly deploy and add customers sites without the need for continual support.

What we especially like from the Thingsboard team are the updates and continual evolving development cycles, real people you can talk to and understand ideas, concepts and future use cases. Features to the system are being updated and new functionality added where, in the modern age of new technology, is essential to offer new services when they occur.

The support levels received from initial contact to ongoing projects has been excellent from the entire team and we look forward to expanding our future solutions to all customers with the support from the Thingsboard team.

If you haven’t tried this solution we 100% recommend it to anyone interested in emerging IOT platforms and what the value collected data can truly bring.

Nairn Harrison


Specialists in Bluetooth® Beacon Solutions

ThingsBoard offers a secure, scalable IoT solution that, being Open Source, we can control. Having created our own ThingsBoard instance, we have found it to be very customisable via widgets, the rule engine and the plugin system allowing it to be used in a variety of specialist situations.

Simon Judge
Co-founder at BeaconZone

Conbee GmbH

Optimization of logistics and production processes.

As a number of IOT dashboard available, It is hard to find one which can fulfill all requirements, robust and scalable for the industrial use case.

ThingsBoard is the platform which fulfilled our requirements and It is easy to adapt, flexible and have the ability to present data on different widgets in an attractive way with easy access. In addition, we are thankful to the ThingsBoard team for their tremendous service and we are looking forward to making more IOT solutions with ThingsBoard in future.

MIchael Nickolai
Co-Founder & Executive Manager

Oneserve Limited

An award winning Field Service Management platform

We operate in highly competitive markets; from housing management to utilities and manufacturing sectors. Technology innovation is at the heart of our product strategy and service delivery approach. As we grow and extend our field service management solution, we recognised that we needed a flexible IoT platform that enables our delivery needs with lower complexity and cost without sacrificing functionality and extensibility.

The ThingsBoard platform has, within a short space of time, easily fulfilled our requirements. It is easy to adapt, has highly flexible implementation options and includes a broad suite of integration and visualization capabilities out of the box.

The platform is continually being extended and improved, with the ThingsBoard Team both accessible and supportive to all of our needs. We now have a robust industrial platform that unlocks our IoT service goals.

Mark Hunt