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Smart City


Canadian LoRaWAN™ network operator and IoT integrator

We were looking for a robust and scalable IoT platform to help us deploy leading edge LoRaWAN™-based IoT projects.

We landed a contract to deploy a city-wide network of solar/wireless variable message “No Parking” signs to manage on-street parking for snow removal operations. The deadline to develop, test and deploy the overall solution was very tight and included penalties for late delivery.

ThingsBoard engineers worked hand in hand with our developers to develop the MQTT-based communication protocol between the X-TELIA network and ThingsBoard, developed a beautiful custom widget for controlling the no parking signs, implemented our instance of ThingsBoard PE and provided incredible support to make sure we made it to the finish line on time.

I can say that the dedication of ThingsBoard team blew me away. I look forward to building and deploying many new and exciting projects on ThingsBoard, as I know the team backing the platform is second to none in expertise and dedication.

Eric Bourbeau
Président fondateur / Founder and CEO

Ositech Communications, Inc.

Provides wireless data communication solutions for use in Healthcare, EMS, Transportation, Fire/Rescue, Food Supply Chain Safety and like segments.

A special thank you to Thingsboard for their professional services in helping create a dashboard in a short period of time customized to our specific requirements. They were responsive to our needs and worked diligently to resolve any issues. Work well done.

Daniel Bartozzi
VP Engineering

Conbee GmbH

Optimization of logistics and production processes.

As a number of IOT dashboard available, It is hard to find one which can fulfill all requirements, robust and scalable for the industrial use case.

ThingsBoard is the platform which fulfilled our requirements and It is easy to adapt, flexible and have the ability to present data on different widgets in an attractive way with easy access. In addition, we are thankful to the ThingsBoard team for their tremendous service and we are looking forward to making more IOT solutions with ThingsBoard in future.

MIchael Nickolai
Co-Founder & Executive Manager