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Time RPC Plugin

Important note

Please note that this guide is for ThingsBoard versions prior v2.0.

Old rules and plugins functionality is replaced by new rule engine components (rule chains and rule nodes).

Please review new rule engine documentation to learn how to adopt new functionality.

We are doing our best to modify this guide to v2.0 components. Contributions are welcome.


Simple RPC plugin that is responsible for handling “getTime” RPC request from devices. This plugin is a part of default ThingsBoard installation for demo purposes. It demonstrates that devices can send RPC request via various connectivity protocols to execute server-side logic and get the result.


You can specify time format configuration parameter. See DateTimeFormatter API for more details.

Server-side API

This plugin does not provide any server-side API.


As a tenant administrator, you are able to review plugin example inside Plugins->Demo Time RPC Plugin.