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PE Edge
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Cloud Events

Cloud Events page shows events that ThingsBoard Edge pushes to the cloud.

Check Status column to know if an event has been pushed to the cloud. There are two status types:

  • Deployed - event has been already pushed to the ThingsBoard CE/PE server.
  • Pending - event has been created on the ThingsBoard Edge, stored to the local database and will be pushed to cloud as soon as connection is restored.

List of possible cloud actions:

  • Added
  • Deleted
  • Updated
  • Attributes Updated
  • Attributes Deleted
  • Timeseries Deleted
  • Timeseries Updated
  • RPC Call
  • Credentials Updated
  • Relation Add or Update
  • Relation Deleted
  • Relations Deleted
  • Alarm Ack
  • Alarm Clear
  • Added to Entity Group PE
  • Removed from Entity Group PE
  • Attributes Request
  • Rule Chain Metadata Request
  • Relation Request
  • Credentials Request
  • Group Entities Request PE
  • Permissions Request PE

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