Documentation for installation and configuration of ThingsBoard IoT Platform.

Installing ThingsBoard PE on DigitalOcean

This guide describes how to install ThingsBoard Professional Edition on DigitalOcean. Using this guide you will install “Bring Your Own License” version of the product. Basically, you get the license directly from ThingsBoard, Inc, but purchase corresponding server instances and infrastructure from DigitalOcean.


Step 1. Launch Ubuntu 18.04 on DigitalOcean

Step 1.1 Create DigitalOcean Droplet


Step 1.2 Select your plan


Step 1.3 Choose Region


Step 1.4 Authentication



Step 2. Configure Firewall Rules

Now we need to configure Firewall rules to allow MQTT, CoAP and HTTP traffic. See images below:




Step 3. Connect to your instance using SSH

Please use the official guide and the SSH Key we have created during Step 1.4.

Step 4. Use regular installation instruction for Ubuntu

Please navigate to the ThingsBoard PE installation instruction for Ubuntu and complete the installation steps.

Note: Use your droplet IP address instead of “localhost” to access the instance WEB UI.

Post-installation steps

Configure HAProxy to enable HTTPS

You may want to configure HTTPS access using HAProxy. This is possible in case you are hosting ThingsBoard in the cloud and have a valid DNS name assigned to your instance. Please follow this guide to install HAProxy and generate valid SSL certificate using Let’s Encrypt.


ThingsBoard logs are stored in the following directory:


You can issue the following command in order to check if there are any errors on the backend side:

cat /var/log/thingsboard/thingsboard.log | grep ERROR

Next steps