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Trendz Analytics Platform

Driving more revenue with IoT Data Analytics

Turn data into insights and make better decisions

Flexible deployment

Deploy Trendz Analytics Platform in the cloud or on-premises. Use commodity hardware to scale out horizontally by adding new nodes to your cluster when it is needed

Optimized for big Data

All computations and aggregations performed on the Trendz server using asynchronous data streams. It guarantees fast request processing and data visualization

Explore in any dimensions

Trendz automatically detects all relations inside your data so you can explore the dataset in any direction or dimension. Do it in real-time

Self-service Analytics

Trendz has a simple drag-n-drop interface for building visualizations. No technical skills required. Give users an instrument for answering their questions in minutes.

Predict failures and forecast utilization

Predict screen

For better decision making, resource planning and reducing cost business requires answers to 3 main questions: What will happen, When, and Why?

Trendz provides an answer

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Predict screen

Define KPI using calculated fields

Calculated fields are one of the most powerful features for KPI monitoring and prediction. Based on the input data, calculated fields allow you to run statistical functions and create new data items by applying calculations.

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Detection Anomalies

Detection Anomalies

Detect anomalies with automated tools based on built-in machine learning algorithms. Prioritise them and focus on real problems with anomaly scoring.

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Detection Anomalies

Connect Data

Connect Trendz to the ThingsBoard in few clicks with automatic Topology Discovery.

Trendz works with all ThingsBoard products, including:
Open Source ThingsBoard Community EditionThingsBoard Professional Edition.

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Share securely

Share securely
Share visualized insights with your users by:
  • Adding them on ThingsBoard dashboards
  • Embedding on 3rd party web sites
  • Exporting data into spreadsheets and images

All with respect to ThingsBoard user permissions.

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Plot and aggregate your data with any granularity

See your data, like total resource consumption on any levels starting from country level and deep dive into concrete meter level. Clear dataset in real-time by grouping and filtering on dimensions that you are interested in.

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Getting started for Cloud Members

Once your upgrade your plan - you will find Trendz Analytics tab in your Things Board menu

Upgrade your Things Board Plan

Getting started for Self-hosted Members

Use our step-by-step guide to install Trendz Analytics to your server

Install Trendz to your server

Trendz analytics

Our analysis and prediction is your financial result and advance growth