ThingsBoard Documentation

Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.

Share and embed Visualizations

All interactive visualizations created with the Trendz Analytics Platform could be shared with other users and embed on ThingsBoard Dashboards or external sites. In this guide, you will learn how to do this.

Share via ThingsBoard dashboard

You can share created visualizations or even provide a self-service interface for your users by adding Trendz widgets on ThingsBoard dashboards. Follow 2 simple steps to make it:

Import Trendz widget bundle

At the beginning you need to import Trendz widgets into your ThingsBoard installation:

This bundle contains 2 widgets:

Add visualization on ThingsBoard Dashboard

Once widgets bundle imported and you already have saved Trendz Visualization - follow next steps to add them on the dashboard:


Embed visualization on external site

You can also embed Trendz visualization into your web site by adding iFrame that points to required visualization.

Just add iFrame on your site with the following URL http://{TRENDZ_URL}/viewMode/{VIEW_ID}?jwt={JWT_TOKEN}. Where: