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Getting Started
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How to use remote converter update

“Remote converter update” allows you to remotely update the configuration of a converter by utilizing a shared attribute. This guide will help you to use this feature for updating your converters configuration remotely.

For the purpose of this tutorial, you need:

  1. Locally installed instance of ThingsBoard platform (In case you are new with ThingsBoard use this ‘how to install’ documentation).
  2. Installed and configured ThingsBoard IoT Gateway.

Step 1 Create shared attribute on the gateway device

You have to create a shared attribute on the gateway device using the following format <Connector Name>:<Converter Class Name> as a key and write converter configuration as a value.

For example:

On the screenshot above we created shared attribute for remote updating MQTT default JSON converter configuration.

Step 2 Update provided shared attribute

For getting new converter configuration update, you have to provide shared attribute with new configuration. For example:

Step 3 Logs

If the above steps were well done, you will see the following gateway logs:

Next steps

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