Documentation for installation and configuration of ThingsBoard IoT Platform.

Building from sources

This guide will help you to download and build ThingsBoard from sources. Instructions listed below are tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and CentOS 7.1

Required tools

This section contains installation instructions for build tools.


ThingsBoard is build using Java 8. You can use following instructions to install Java 8.


ThingsBoard build requires Maven 3.1.0+.

Please note that maven installation may set Java 7 as a default JVM on certain Linux machines. Use java installation instructions to fix this.

Source code

You can clone source code of the project from the official github repo.

git clone [email protected]:thingsboard/thingsboard.git
# checkout latest release branch
git checkout release-3.2


Run the following command from the thingsboard folder to build the project:

mvn clean install

Build local docker images

mvn clean install -Ddockerfile.skip=false

Build artifacts

You can find debian, rpm and windows packages in the target folder: