Thingsboard Documentation

Documentation for using Thingsboard IoT Platform.

Installing Thingsboard using Docker (Linux or Mac OS)

This guide will help you to install and start Thingsboard using Docker on Linux or Mac OS.

Installation steps

mkdir <docker-folder>
cd <docker-folder>
curl -L > docker-compose.yml
curl -L > docker-compose.random.yml
curl -L > .env
curl -L > thingsboard.env
curl -L > thingsboard-db-schema.env
sudo rm -rf /home/docker/cassandra_volume
sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.random.yml up -d

Advanced usage

.env file

One can modify .env file to configure following parameters:

thingsboard.env file

One can set thingsbord service environment variables using this file. See configuration for more details.

thingsboard-db-schema.env file

One can modify thingsboard-db-schema.env file to configure following parameters:

Thirdparty components

One can start only Thingsboard thirdparty components. This may be useful for Thingsboard contributors in order to launch Thingsboard node from IDE. In order to do this, download docker-compose.static.yml file and replace last installation step with

sudo docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.static.yml up -d


DNS issues

Note If you observe errors related to DNS issues, for example cannot unmarshal DNS message

You may configure your system to use Google public DNS servers. See corresponding Linux and Mac OS instructions.