ThingsBoard Documentation

Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.
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This guide will help you to get familiar with ThingsBoard configuration files and parameters.

Once you have installed ThingsBoard, you can find configuration files in the following directory:

Windows: YOUR_INSTALL_DIR/conf
Linux: /etc/thingsboard/conf

We will describe main configuration files below.


This is the main configuration file that contains configuration properties for transports (HTTP, MQTT, CoAP), database (Cassandra), clustering (Zookeeper and gRPC), etc. The configuration file is written in YAML.

All configuration parameters have corresponding environment variable name and default value. In order to change configuration parameter you can simply change it’s default value. For example:

  address: "${HTTP_BIND_ADDRESS:}"

In this case, ‘HTTP_BIND_ADDRESS’ is environment variable name and ‘’ is a default value. Environment variables are useful in case of docker installation. See docker documentation for more details.

There is 80+ configuration parameters in thingsboard.yml file. You can review their description in the configuration file itself. We will list only main configuration parameters below to avoid duplication of the parameter descriptions and to simplify maintenance of this documentation page.

Property Description Default Value Environment Variable
server.address HTTP Server bind address HTTP_BIND_ADDRESS
server.port HTTP Server bind port 8080 HTTP_BIND_PORT
mqtt.bind_address MQTT Server bind address MQTT_BIND_ADDRESS
mqtt.bind_port MQTT Server bind port 1883 MQTT_BIND_PORT
coap.bind_address CoAP Server bind address COAP_BIND_ADDRESS
coap.bind_port CoAP Server bind port 5683 COAP_BIND_PORT
cassandra.url Cassandra node list CASSANDRA_URL
security.jwt.tokenExpirationTime JWT token expiration time in seconds used by Web UI 900 JWT_TOKEN_EXPIRATION_TIME
security.jwt.refreshTokenExpTime JWT refresh token expiration time in seconds used by Web UI (session expiration time) 3600 JWT_REFRESH_TOKEN_EXPIRATION_TIME
database.type Type of the database to use: sql or cassandra sql DATABASE_TYPE


The configuration file for the startup script. Contains Java options and classpath related parameters.


Actor system configuration. Contains general actor system properties and configuration of Akka dispatchers. Allows performance tuning for specific use cases.


The configuration file for logging. Allows controlling the log level, the size of log files and the total size/volume of logs.