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Installation > IoT Gateway installation using Docker (Linux and Mac OS)
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Install ThingsBoard IoT Gateway using Docker.

This guide will help you to install and start ThingsBoard Gateway using Docker on Linux or Mac OS.



Execute the following command to run this docker directly:

docker run -it -v ~/.tb-gateway/logs:/thingsboard_gateway/logs -v ~/.tb-gateway/extensions:/thingsboard_gateway/extensions -v ~/.tb-gateway/config:/thingsboard_gateway/config --name tb-gateway -p 60000-61000:60000-61000 --restart always thingsboard/tb-gateway


  • docker run - run this container
  • -it - attach a terminal session with current Gateway process output
  • -v ~/.tb-gateway/config:/thingsboard_gateway/config - mounts the host’s dir ~/.tb-gateway/config to Gateway config directory
  • -v ~/.tb-gateway/extensions:/thingsboard_gateway/extensions - mounts the host’s dir ~/.tb-gateway/extensions to Gateway extensions directory
  • -v ~/.tb-gateway/logs:/thingsboard_gateway/logs - mounts the host’s dir ~/.tb-gateway/logs to Gateway logs directory
  • --name tb-gateway - friendly local name of this machine
  • -p 60000-61000:60000-61000 - publish range of ports from 60000 to 61000
  • --restart always - automatically start ThingsBoard in case of system reboot and restart in case of failure.
  • thingsboard/tb-gateway - docker image

Running (with environmental variables)

Execute the following command to run docker container with environmental variables:

docker run -it -e -e port=1883 -e accessToken=ACCESS_TOKEN -v ~/.tb-gateway/logs:/thingsboard_gateway/logs -v ~/.tb-gateway/extensions:/thingsboard_gateway/extensions -v ~/.tb-gateway/config:/thingsboard_gateway/config --name tb-gateway -p 60000-61000:60000-61000 --restart always thingsboard/tb-gateway
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Environmental variables will override configuration parameters.

Available environmental variables:

ENV Description
host ThingsBoard instance host.
port ThingsBoard instance port.
accessToken Gateway access token.
caCert Path to CA file.
privateKey Path to private key file.
cert Path to certificate file.

Detaching, stop and start commands

You can detach from session terminal with Ctrl-p Ctrl-q - the container will keep running in the background.

To reattach to the terminal (to see Gateway logs) run:

docker attach tb-gateway

To stop the container:

docker stop tb-gateway

To start the container:

docker start tb-gateway

Gateway configuration

Stop the container:

docker stop tb-gateway

Configure gateway to work with your instance of ThingsBoard, using this guide:

Start the container after made changes:

docker start tb-gateway


In order to update to the latest image, execute the following commands:

docker pull thingsboard/tb-gateway
docker stop tb-gateway
docker rm tb-gateway
docker run -it -v ~/.tb-gateway/logs:/var/log/thingsboard-gateway -v ~/.tb-gateway/extensions:/var/lib/thingsboard_gateway/extensions -v ~/.tb-gateway/config:/thingsboard-gateway/config --name tb-gateway --restart always thingsboard/tb-gateway

Build local docker image

In order to build local docker image, follow the next steps:

  1. Copy Dockerfile to root folder, using the following command:
     cp docker/Dockerfile .
  2. From project root folder execute the following command:
     docker build -t local-gateway .