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IoT Gateway
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IoT Gateway upgrade instructions.

Upgrade instructions

There are 2 ways for upgrade ThingsBoard IoT Gateway, depends on a version that you want (Release or Develop).

  • To upgrade to Release version you should use following commands:

  • Installation from pip

sudo pip3 install thingsboard-gateway --upgrade
  • Installation as a daemon
sudo pip3 install thingsboard-gateway --user thingsboard_gateway --upgrade
  • To upgrade to Develop version you should use this guide.

To upgrade ThingsBoard IoT Gateway docker installation use Upgrading step from Docker installation guide.

Notate: If you have some issues with upgrade, please try to remove package from pip in every system layer (sudo, user, local).

To do this please run following command:

sudo pip3 uninstall thingsboard-gateway -y

After removal, you need to install the gateway again using command above.