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Trendz Analytics
Community Edition Professional Edition Cloud Edge PE Edge IoT Gateway License Server Trendz Analytics Mobile Application PE Mobile Application MQTT Broker
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Trendz configuration properties

Configuration properties

PropertyEnvironment VariableDefault ValueDescription
HTTP server parameters
server.address HTTP_BIND_ADDRESS HTTP Server bind address
server.port HTTP_BIND_PORT 8888 HTTP Server bind port
tb.api.url TB_API_URL http://localhost:9090 ThingsBoard Cluster REST API url
ratelimit.duration.sec RATELIMIT_DURATION_SEC 1 Control amount of api calls per duration
ratelimit.max_reqeusts_per_duration RATELIMIT_MAX_REQUESTS 5000 Max number of allowed API calls per configured duration
ratelimit.max_concurent_requests RATELIMIT_CONCURRENT_REQUESTS 8 Max number of concurrent API calls. Overrides RATELIMIT_MAX_REQUESTS limit
spring.datasource.url SPRING_DATASOURCE_URL jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/trendz Connection URL for Trendz database
spring.datasource.username SPRING_DATASOURCE_USERNAME postgres Database username
spring.datasource.password SPRING_DATASOURCE_PASSWORD postgres Database password
spring.datasource.hikari.maximumPoolSize SPRING_DATASOURCE_MAXIMUM_POOL_SIZE 5 Database connection pool size
cache.type CACHE_TYPE caffeine Application cache provider CACHE_REPORT_ENABLED true Enable/disable view reprot cache on the system level CACHE_REPORT_SESSION_DURATION_MINUTES 10 Expiration time for cached view report
executors.uiBuild UI_BUILD_THREAD_COUNT 2 Amount of paralell view config execution trigger from UI
executors.modelBuild MODEL_BUILD_THREAD_COUNT 1 Amount of paralell model build processes
executors.taskService CONCURRENT_TASK_EXECUTION_COUNT 1 Amount of paralell tasks executions
executors.scheduledTaskService SCHEDULED_TASK_EXECUTOR_THREAD_COUNT 3 Amount of paralell scheduled tasks executions
executors.simpleApiRateLimiter.queueCapacity SIMPLE_API_RATE_LIMITER_QUEUE_CAPACITY 10 max amount of queued requests that are waiting for execution
executors.simpleApiRateLimiter.threadPoolSize SIMPLE_API_RATE_LIMITER_THREAD_POOL_SIZE 10 Amount of requests that are executed in parallel
authentication.login ADMIN_LOGIN Username for authenticating background requests to ThingsBoard
authentication.password ADMIN_PASSWORD Password for authenticating background requests to ThingsBoard

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