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ThingsBoard PE Release Notes

v3.6.2 (Dec 28, 2023)

Everything from TB CE v3.6.2 with the following improvements and bug fixes.


  • Automatic ‘Read’ permissions for widgets if user has ‘Read’ permissions for the dashboards;
  • Updated sendRpcRequest scheduler event configuration with new parameters: is_one_way, persistent and timeout;
  • Enhancements for fuel level monitoring dashboard;

Bug fixes

  • Domain name is now always in lowercase;
  • Dashboard report generation error handling;
  • Fixed validation of Customer permissions for OTA Package entity;
  • Fixed ‘Count Unique’ aggregation node initialization from DB;
  • Fixed change of mail provider in the mail settings form;
  • Fixed entity-group-autocomplete component;
  • Fixed custom translation of widget data export with filename;
  • Fixed dashboard link in the Smart Retail solution template;
  • Fixed color-picker not allowing to select chosen color.

v3.6.1 (Nov 13, 2023)

Everything from TB CE v3.6.1 with the following improvements and bug fixes.


  • Transport API performance improvement;
  • Added ability to update WL from tenant to customer via REST API;

Bug fixes

  • Fixed add edge dialog by @deaflynx;
  • Fixed converters component debug mode slider always on;
  • Fixed Smart Irrigation template;
  • Fixed incorrect recipient dialog title;
  • Fixed for Apache Pulsar client in the ‘Apache Pulsar’ and ‘Tuya’ integrations.

v3.6.0 (Sep 21, 2023)

Everything from TB CE v3.6 with the following improvements and bug fixes.


  • Core & Rule Engine

    • Default converters for most Integrations with well-defined message forma;
    • Fuel level monitoring solution template;
    • Move integration rate limits configuration to tenant profile;
    • Improved validation for group permissions, group owner, and resource deletion;
    • Moved white labeling attributes from attributes_kv to white_labeling table;
  • UI

    • UI for deleting time-series;
    • White labeling login base URL auto-generation based on the domain name;
    • Integration wizard layout;
  • Transport

    • Added handling for new message types for Efento devices;
  • Edge

    • Edge install instructions minor updates;

Bug fixes

  • Core and Rule Engine:

    • Fixed for TCP/UDP integration with binary payload;
    • Fixed rabbitmq queue in msa;
    • Fixed check write permission in the dashboard;
    • Fixed get attributes and time-series keys;
    • Fixed custom menu hierarchy;
    • Fixed entityDataQuery with GroupList filter;
    • Fixed validation for ClientID field in MQTT integration;
  • UI:

    • Fixed dashboard fullscreen button;
    • Fixed initial value for scheduler event start time when creating by clicking on calendar day;
    • Fixed for group entities table excessive api call;
    • Fixed for custom translation and menu json content placeholder displayed in one line on firefox;
    • Fixed tenant administrators recipients filter in notification center;
    • Fixed incorrect count widgets in web report when dashboard has widgets selected hide in desktop mode;
    • Fixed customer users sort.

v3.5.1 (May 31, 2023)

Everything from TB CE v3.5.1 with the following bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • UI:

    • Fixed missing query params when redirecting old dashboard URL by @vvlladd28
    • Fixed dashboard link resent dashboard widget by @vvlladd28
    • Fixed buttons trigger by enter press fortegrations by @ArtemDzhereleiko
    • Fixed TCP integration handler configuration by @ArtemDzhereleiko
    • Fixed customer hierarchy update for entity group by @ArtemDzhereleiko
    • Fixed solution template documentation links by @ArtemDzhereleiko
    • Removed change owner action for system administrator by @ArtemDzhereleiko

v3.5.0 (May 9, 2023)

Everything from TB CE v3.5 with the following features and bug fixes.


  • Core & Rule Engine

    • Azure Service bus integration;
    • Tuya integration;
    • Ability to create relation between DEVICE and DATA CONVERTER;
  • UI

    • New solution template “Waste Monitoring”;
    • Support of new menu and entity tables;
  • Edge

    • Edge computing support for solution templates;

Bug fixes

  • Fixed relation query for customer level;
  • Fixed error flood after reboot of disabled integration;
  • Fixed deletion of solution template entities;
  • Fixed solution template scheduler event creation;
  • Fixed column key mapping for asset_profile;
  • Fixed search for entity views by customer;
  • fixed opc integration host configuration;
  • Fixed no outgoing message issue when doCalculate fails in Aggregate Latest node;
  • Fixed telemetry/attribute update while device bulk import;
  • Fixed incorrect validation credentials in Azure Iot Hub integration;

v3.4.4 (February 7, 2023)

Everything from TB CE v3.4.4 with the following bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • Core & Rule Engine:

    • Fixed check alarm permissions by originator;
    • Fixed TBEL to MVEL in air quality monitoring template;
    • Fixed SI attribute filtering;
    • Fixed ‘twilio voice’ node;
  • UI:

    • Fixed search in entity group tables;
    • Fixed applying custom translations on loading with slow network;
    • Fixed some browsers don’t open integration statistics when clicking ‘Daily activity’ column in Integration table;

v3.4.3 (December 21, 2022)

Everything from TB CE v3.4.3 with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Core & Rule Engine:
    • Air Quality Monitoring solution template;
  • UI:
    • MQTT integration credentials password is optional;

Bug fixes

  • Core & Rule Engine:

    • Fixed device bulk import with empty credentials;
    • Fixed upgrade from CE;
    • Fixed remote integrations update;
    • Fixed NPE on WS subscription for sysadmin;
  • UI:

    • Fixed Things Park integration validation;
    • Fixed validation in bulk import and improvement bulk import for Edge;
    • Fixed scheduler update configuration;
    • Fixed Azure IoT Hub integration validation;
  • Edge:

    • Fixed NPE during sync process in case edge owner is customer;

v3.4.2 (December 1, 2022)

Everything from TB CE v3.4.2 with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Core:
    • Real-time sync WhiteLabeling, LoginWhiteLabeling and CustomTranslation to edge;
    • Smart irrigation solution template;
    • Integration Monitoring via Prometheus;
    • Improved ‘alarms count v2’ rule node;
    • Partitioning and TTL for BLOB entities;
  • UI:
    • Improved the design of the integrations UI: added creation dialog, statistics and states to the integration table;

Bug Fixes

  • Core:
    • #7415 Fixed Entity Group Name filter;
    • #7225 Fixed Scheduler timezone gap;
    • Fixed Scheduler bug with incorrect “Start time”;
    • Fixed binary uplink data converter;
    • Fixed issue with overwrite of the WL settings ;
  • UI:
    • Fixed display of the host field value for TTN/TTI integrations;

v3.4.1 (August 18, 2022)

Everything from TB CE v3.4.1 with the following improvements and bug fixes.

  • Core:
    • Fixed startup issues and connection leaks in OPC-UA integration;
    • Fixed Azure IoT Hub integration;
  • UI:
    • Added support Login WL advanced CSS in 2FA login form;
    • Fixed filtering by error text in Integrations and Data Converters event tables;
    • Fixed entity group autocomplete;
    • Upgraded ExcelJS and fixed style in empty cell data;
  • Web Report:
    • Added widget cache clearing before starting web-report generation;
    • Fixed report generation issue while widget’s state updates.

v3.4 (July 19, 2022)

Everything from TB CE v3.4 with the following improvements and bug fixes.

Major Improvements:

  • Core & Rule Engine:
    • Integration Executor - scalable microservice that hosts all integrations to separate them from the core services;
    • Version Control support for Entity Groups;
    • Handling large and small numbers in the Aggregate stream node;
  • UI:
    • Web report and UI performance improvement;
  • Edge:
    • Integrations and converters support.

Bug Fixes

  • Core & Rule Engine:
    • Fix NPE in TbSimpleAggMsgNode;
    • Fix daily repeat in scheduler on daylight saving time adjustment;
    • Added proper handle of exceptions from Twilio API;
  • UI:
    • Custom translation load and updates;
    • Incorrect routing in “open dashboard” widget action;
    • Scheduler error msg on attribute update;
    • Check referencing integrations when deleting downlink converter.

v3.3.4.1 (March 18, 2022)

Bug Fixes

  • Core:
    • Critical alarm security checker fix related to customer users;
    • Ability to load corrupted scheduler events;

v3.3.4 (March 11, 2022)

Everything from TB CE v3.3.4 with the following improvements and bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • Core & Rule Engine:
    • Origin Service ID is not present in RPC requests triggered by scheduler events;
    • Jenkins Repository url fix;
  • UI:
    • Fixed scheduler dialog;
    • Fixed switching from local to remote HTTP integration;
    • Fixed originator select component required for validation and entity group load flow.
  • Integrations:
    • Remove Redis dependency from remote integration;
    • Workaround for KAFKA-4090 for PE Kafka Integration;
    • Hotfix for OPC-UA rescanning and reconnecting;
  • Build Scripts:
    • Restrict tb-pe docker image to linux/amd64 platform due to tb-web-report package compatibility limits

v3.3.3 (January 27, 2022)

Everything from TB CE v3.3.3 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Core & Rule Engine:
    • Added ‘Propagation Entity Types’ parameter to ‘Alarm Count’ rule node;
    • Added ‘Queue Name’ parameter to aggregation rule nodes;
    • Added REST_API_RULE_ENGINE_CALL to the audit logs;
    • Additional alarm read permission checks;
  • UI:
    • Added entity details page support;
    • Added persistent page link for scheduler events page;
    • CSS variables support for the white-labeling feature;
    • Added ability for tenant administrators to ignore the white-labeling settings configured on a system level;
    • Validation to maximum length of the group names;
    • “Delete” button in Self-registration form;
  • Integrations:
    • Additional automatic tests for remote integrations;
    • Custom domain support for LORIOT integration;
    • API Version to TTI integration;
  • Build scripts:
    • Docker images check for ARM64;
    • K8S scripts moved to separate repository;
    • Log4j -> Slf4j annotation due to typo;
  • Edge:
    • Added missing labels for assigned-to-edge/unassigned-from-edge;
    • Send notification event in case change owner of edge to edge session;
    • Improved integration tests;

Bug fixes:

  • Core & Rule Engine:
    • Fix in deprecated alarm count query;
    • Fix sending RPC response from integration downlink rule node
    • Use correct service id in rest api call reply method to send messages to correct services;
  • Integrations:
    • Fix reconnect for OPC UA integration;
    • Update converter details autocomplete;
  • UI:
    • Multiple fixes to self-registration form;
    • Fixed ability to create entity groups with white spaces instead of names;
    • Fixed show edit button in default dashboard without fullscreen mode;
    • Fixed close details after create/update/delete permission;
    • Fixed display of Audit Logs for Device Profile;

v3.3.2 (November 11, 2021)

Everything from TB CE v3.3.2 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Core:
    • Entity search API for system administrator;
  • REST API documentation:
    • Describe PE entities and methods;
  • Help pages for user-defined JS functions:
    • Uplink and Downlink converter documentation;
    • Ability to configure the external help url using white-labeling parameters;
  • Rule Engine:
    • Added ability to get parent customer details in customer details node
    • Ignore emails api usage when using external mail sender;
  • UI:
    • Added “Terms Of Use” for Self Registration;
    • Added the ability to set the background for login page by Advanced CSS
    • Added Role, Integration, Converter, Group and Scheduler max length fields validation;
    • Added disable export (for notification) in Api Usage dashboard;
  • Integrations:
    • Support binary data consumption for HTTP/CoAP/MQTT integrations;
    • UDP integration improvements. Support PUT in HTTP/CoAP integrations;
    • Support of device and asset labels;
    • Optimize error logging;

Bug fixes:

  • Core:
    • Fixed RBAC for Resource and OTA updates;
  • Integrations:
    • Service bus Queue: ‘maxMessages’ fix;
    • Fixed incorrectly displayed Downlink URL after save in the LORIOT integration;
  • UI:
    • Fixed RBAC to create/write edges;
    • Fixed entity-group-autocomplete;
    • Fixed custom css dialog close button;
    • Fixed customersHierarchy after updated entity group didn’t save new settings group in jsTree;
    • Fixed noDataDisplayMessage in scheduler/blob widgets;
    • Fixed RBAC disabled select on relations and permissions tabs
    • Fixed RBAC for rule chains details tabs;
    • Fixed missing icon, after update icon package;
    • Minor fixes to Edge Downlinks table;

v3.3.1 (September 3, 2021)

Everything from TB CE v3.3.1 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Introduced Solution templates;
  • UI: Added rule engine service to make requests to rule engine from custom actions;
  • Remote integrations: Ability to setup RPC SSL without server SSL certificate

Bug fixes:

  • UI: Fixed incorrect cashing data in permission resources autocomplete;
  • UI: Fixed The Things Stack Industries integration form

v3.3 (August 13, 2021)

Everything from TB CE v3.3 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Improve MQTT integration performance by using async implementation;
  • Improve ChirpStack integration validation - application server url and API token are now required;
  • CoAP integration with DTLS mode support;
  • Confirm dialog in save device group;
  • Ability to specify Consumer Group for Azure Event Hub;
  • Use queue from device profile when pushing events from integration to the rule engine;
  • Improvement to owner autocomplete component;

Bug fixes:

  • Customer can not see some data of sub-customer in the dashboard;
  • MQTT based integrations, added field for setting up max bytes in message;
  • TLS connectivity for remote integrations;
  • Incorrect work of the asset menu when the user is active / inactive edit mode;
  • Manage credentials button in the device group;
  • Scheduler widget when processing custom event configuration;
  • Processing of repartition events in the scheduler service;
  • OPC-UA integration downlink and added more logs for not connected state;

v3.2.2 (March 24, 2021)

Everything from TB CE v3.2.2 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Update custom menu: Introduce dashboardId parameter to embed dashboard instead of using iframe;
  • Azure Event Hub Integration is updated to use new SDK;
  • Added new version of “Alarms Count Node”.
  • Added “Duplicate to group entities by group name” rule node;
  • Added ability to aggregate data on each message in the “Aggregate stream node”.
  • Add ability to aggregate data weekly from Sunday to Saturday in the “Aggregate stream node”.
  • Extend column export parameters in entities and alarms table for CSV export;
  • Improvements to scheduler and integration services in cluster mode;

Bug Fixes:

  • Security improvement: Customer can’t see Tenant attributes using Entity Query API;
  • Fixed Customer Changes Owner from Sub-Customer to Customer;
  • Sigfox integration fix;
  • Fixed validation of Kafka integration configuration;
  • Fixed downlink for TCP/UDP integrations;
  • Fixed SAS credentials in IoT hub node;
  • Skip recursive tag scan for OPC-UA Integration. Added explicit disconnect at the end of the scan;
  • Can’t change the role type (Generic vs Group) if it is already used;
  • Fix tb-web-report docker image;
  • UI: Fixed validation of credentials in the LORIOT integration;
  • UI: Fix entities by group name alias - do not set owner id when groupStateEntity is disabled;

v3.2.1 (January 26, 2021)

Everything from TB CE v3.2.1 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub integration;
  • ChirpStack integration;
  • Send “Owner changed” event to rule engine and audit log;
  • UI: Optimized load of ExcelJS module;

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed “aggregate stream” rule node;
  • Fixed shutdown of AWS SQS integration;
  • Fxed double uplink converting in tcp integration;
  • Remote integrations: changed parameter “PRC_HOST” to “RPC_HOST”;
  • UI: Fixed - do not delete integration parameter when value is single space;
  • UI: Fixed copy integration parameters in chrome browser;
  • UI: Fixed integration and converter view;

v2.5.6 (January 26, 2021)

Everything from TB CE v2.5.6.

Main features:

  • Send “Owner changed” event to rule engine and audit log;

Bug fixes:

  • Remote integrations: changed parameter “PRC_HOST” to “RPC_HOST”;

v3.2 (December 1, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v3.2 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • LORIOT integration;
  • RabbitMQ integration;
  • Simplified Alarm Search Query;
  • Api usage stats collection for Integrations;

Bug Fixes:

  • Critical bug fix for alarm search query when sorting by entity key;
  • Show correct time for device profiles scheduler preview;
  • Added proxy for reCaptcha.

v2.5.5 (December 1, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v2.5.5.

Main features:

  • Added logs to detect rule nodes that cause timeout;
  • Top 5 rule nodes statistics;
  • Twilio rule node improvements to support new line characters;
  • Added lock to the kafka integration;
  • IBM Watson integration improvements
  • Improvement to logo container size;

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed csv export;

v3.1.1 (August 28, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v3.1.1 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Created Apache Pulsar integration;
  • Added lifecycle event “UPDATE” for converter;

Bug Fixes:

  • UI: Limit Aggregation Time Unit;
  • Fixed query in case generic is not set and entity group ids is present;
  • Fixed entity data query - replace bool_or with max;
  • Fixed search by type for user entities query;
  • Fixed for text search in entity selection;
  • Fixed Tenant User queries with a combination of generic and group permissions;
  • Removed PostgreSQL from tb-pe image;
  • Remote integration API: Force disconnect on connection error;

v2.5.4 (August 28, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v2.5.4.

Main features:

  • Created Apache Pulsar integration;

Bug fixes:

  • UI: Fixed show dashboard added Group permission;
  • Fixed Report service - duplicate generate report post request;
  • Fixed tb-pe docker image;

v3.1 (August 12, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v3.1 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Performance improvements for majority of REST API calls;
  • Azure IoT Hub integration;
  • The Things Industries integration;

v2.5.3 (August 12, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v2.5.3.

v3.0.1 (June 9, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v3.0.1 with the following improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • UI: Fix null value during export into csv.

v2.5.2 (June 9, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v2.5.2 with the following improvements.

Bug fixes:

  • UI: Fix null value during export into csv;

v3.0 (June 1, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v3.0 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Advanced CSS for White-labeling;

Additional features:

  • No more “Fetch more” button;
  • SQL native filtering and pagination in entity groups;

v2.5.1 (June 1, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v2.5.1 with the following improvements.


  • Performance improvement for RBAC functionality;
  • Added maxRecords and requestTimeout to AWS Kinesis integration;

Bug fixes:

  • Start scheduled events correctly if startTime is set earlier than repeat config start date

v2.5 (May 12, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v2.5 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Rule Engine improvements similar to Community Edition;
  • OAuth improvements similar to Community Edition;
  • Improved performance;

Additional features:

  • Added Entity Name column for multiple entities to export functionality;
  • Avoid entity count check for unlimited subscriptions;
  • Persistent volumes for k8s deployments to store license data;

Bug fixes:

  • UI: Fix XLSX export to use local time;
  • UI: Add CSV string-delimiter for export;
  • RE: Fix for owner logic in TbAddToGroupNode node.

v2.4.3 (January 8, 2020)

Everything from TB CE v2.4.3 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • New Integration: Actility ThingPark Enterprise;
  • Added new alias: “Entities by group name”.

Additional features:

  • Rest client update;
  • Added “other properties” for Kafka integration;
  • TCP and UDP integration: added HEX handler type;

Bug fixes:

  • UI: Fix promise to tenant_admin and generic permission;
  • White-labeling: Fixed NPE in case tenant has not additional info;

v2.4.2 (December 10, 2019)

Everything from TB CE v2.4.2 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Kafka integration;
  • AWS Kinesis integration;
  • UDP/TCP integration improvements and documentation;
  • Added support of Assets and Entity Groups in the integrations;

Additional features:

  • Add new format export data XLSX;
  • JPA improvements.
  • Misc performance improvements;
  • UI: New alias: Owner of an entity from dashboard state

Bug fixes:

  • Fix schedule reconnect for stopped OPC-UA integration;
  • Fix for OPC-UA Client reconnect issue;
  • Fix event storage reader not to skips an extra line in file on start;
  • Fix export file name to support custom translate;

v2.4.1 (September 13, 2019)

Everything from TB CE v2.4.1 with the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Remote Integrations feature to execute Integrations in a separate microservice;
  • Added TCP & UDP Integrations;

Additional features:

  • Integration enable/disable feature;
  • AWS SQS Integration;

v2.4 (July 10, 2019)

Everything from TB CE v2.4.0 with the following improvements.

Main features:

Additional features:

  • Improve ‘add to group’ node - add ability to remove entity from current groups;
  • Allow pushing ENTITY_CREATED event on device creation via Integration;
  • Allow pushing ENTITY_CREATED event on customer creation via Integration;
  • Integrations: added ability to change device owner from uplink data;
  • UI: Added ‘Copy entity group id’ button;
  • UI: Added white-labeling settings to show product name and version;

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed matching by FQN and ID in OPC-UA integration;
  • Fixed whitelabeling issues for subcustomers;
  • Fixed owners cache;
  • Add validation to Group Permissions Controller;

v2.3.1 (April 3, 2019)

Everything from TB CE v2.3.1 with the following improvements.

Main features:

Additional features:

  • UI: improved French locale;
  • Improve reports generation.

New Rule Nodes:

  • Change Owner Rule Node

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed Public Users permissions: Added Alarm Read permission.
  • UI: Fixed multiple users deletion;
  • UI: Timer-Based scheduler layout fix;
  • UI: Fixed custom translation update on page refresh.

v2.3 (February 7, 2019)

Everything from TB CE v2.3+ the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Advanced RBAC for IoT to be able to define user groups and set permissions in relation to entity groups (devices/assets/dashboards, etc);

Additional features:

  • Added User, Entity View and Dashboard groups;
  • Improve scheduler configuration with ability to create time-based schedule;

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed timezone processing of scheduler events;
  • Fixed OPC-UA integration reconnect procedure;
  • Fixed issue with multiple creation of devices by integration;
  • Improve Platform Integrations initialization;
  • UI: Fixed “Allow white-labeling” settings;
  • UI: Fixed issue with labels rendering on IE9+;

v2.2 (November 30, 2018)

Everything from TB CE v2.2+ the following improvements.

Main features:

  • Added advanced localization support:
    • Asset and Device names localization;
    • Ability to overwrite any localization constants via UI;
  • Login white-labeling improvement support on tenant and customer level based on custom domain names;
  • Ability to allow/deny white-labeling on Tenant and Customer level;
  • Added ability to hide help links or specify custom base URL;
  • Updated Spanish locale;

Bug fixes:

  • Improve web report dashboard navigation;
  • Added ability to specify language in web reports;
  • Fixed export csv/xls data format according to locale
  • Scheduler service cluster mode bug fix