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ThingsBoard PE Feature

Only Professional Edition supports White-labeling feature.
Use ThingsBoard Cloud or install your own platform instance.

ThingsBoard web interface allows you to configure your company or product logo and color scheme in 2 minutes with zero coding efforts and no service restart required. The following configuration options are available:

  • Configure color scheme, icon and favicon on System Administrator level;
  • Tenant and Customer Administrator UI inherits configuration changes by default;
  • Tenant and Customer Administrators are able to set up their own white-labeling configuration;
  • System and Tenant Administrator are able to set up custom email server settings and customer email templates to interact with the users;
  • Allow System administrator to enable/disable white-labeling for each tenant;
  • Allow Tenant administrator to enable/disable white-labeling for each customer;
  • Allow Tenant administrator to configure custom translation of system components and end-user dashboard elements.

Contact us to suggest missing feature for your use case.

See video tutorial below for step-by-step instruction how to use this feature.

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