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Connectivity diagram

ThingsBoard provides a lot of device connectivity options. The diagram below is designed to provide a visual overview of existing options and help you to choose the correct option for your devices. In case you have not found out how to connect your device using the diagram or something is not clear, please contact us and help us to improve this guide.

Built-in transport protocols

The built-in transport protocol implementations are applicable for devices that communicate over those protocols and are able to connect directly to ThingsBoard.

Most of the protocols above support JSON, Protobuf or own data format. This is the best option for new devices when you have control over the firmware.

IoT Gateway

ThingsBoard IoT Gateway helps to connect devices that are located in the local network and do not have access to the internet or use specific non-IP protocols. IoT Gateway supports MQTT, OPC-UA, Modbus, BLE, HTTP, CAN, BACnet, ODBC, SNMP and other protocols. The gateway converts the data from devices to internal ThingsBoard format and upload it over MQTT to the platform. See What is IoT Gateway? for more info.


It is possible to integrate ChirpStack network server with ThingsBoard Community Edition using this guide.

ThingsBoard PE supports ChirpStack and many other network servers via Integrations. For example: TheThingsNetwork, TheThingsIndustries, LORIOT, Actility ThingPark or any other network server that supports the webhooks or mqtt. Big advantage of ThingsBoard PE integrations is the ability to define custom data converter functions.


ThingsBoard PE supports Sigfox integration out-of-the-box.

NB IoT and other protocols

ThingsBoard PE supports many Integrations that cover most of the devices on the market. Please contact us if you need help to connect your device.