ThingsBoard Documentation

Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.

Line Chart

Video Tutorial


Simple Line Chart

In case of Bar and Line charts you have 3 configurable sections:

Add Date field on X-axis and numeric telemetry to the Y-axis


Line Chart with series

Telemetry as series

When you want to show multiple telemetry fields for selected device/asset you have to add required fields into Y-asix and leave Series section blank. To focus in interested device you can use Filter.


Group as series

In this case you want to see how same telemetry looks like for different assets/devices or categories. Add required grouping field inti Series section:


Another example shows how to combine multiple fields in 1 section. This concrete example show what was overall building energy consumption for different quarters split by day of the week.


Vertical Lines

Any machine message can be translated into the event and present on the line chart for the investigation. Such events can be represented as vertical lines on the chart and value of the telemetry (numeric or text) would be shown as a label for vertical line.


Color Zones


The color zones can be added to the bar and line charts to visually identify certain thresholds.

Multiple color zones can be added to one visualization.


Mixed Charts


Mixed charts overlay different charts with a shared horizontal axis, but different vertical axis scales (one for each component chart). It is common to use different base chart types, like the bar and line combination, to reduce confusion of the different axis scales for each component chart.

Trendz supports the combination of the columns, lines, and areas in case the ‘Series’ section is empty.


Control Y-axis

By default each timeseries field in Y-axis re-use separate axis. If you show 3 timeseries on chart - you will have 3 different Y-axis.

However if measured unit is the same for all fields - you can join them and show on single axis: