ThingsBoard Documentation

Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.

View Settings

View Settings icon located in the bottom right corner of the View. There are multiple settings there that controls how visualisation created.

Number of Decimal Points

The number of decimal places that are displayed can be customized for each visualization once it is critical. On the visualization open the Setting bar and set the number of decimal places, press Build Report

Axis control

By default each timeseries field in Y-axis re-use separate axis. If you show 3 timeseries on chart - you will have 3 different Y-axis.

However if measured unit is the same for all fields - you can join them and show on single axis:

Entities Root

Let’s assume that we have 2 buildings and 2 sensors registered in the ThingsBoard and relations configured among them:

We want to create a view that shows how many sensors are located in each building. In this case results depends on who is the root for calculation - Building or Sensor.

If Building is the root entity - we will see that Building_A has 1 sensor and Building_B has no sensors
If Sensor is the root entity - we will see that Sensor_1 installed in 1 building and Sensor_2 do not installed in buildings

Trendz select Root Entity automatically during view calculation. However you can control what Entity selected as Root for the request:

Topology Entities

Trendz create query plan for each view. For making it system collects all fields and entities that are used in the View. Then, using Topology Graph, system identified best query plan for this request by finding the shortest path between used Entities.

For Complex Topology shortest path is not always the best and you modify what entities included in the query plan: