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Apply filter from alias

In this guide we will describe how to connect standard ThingsBoard widgets located on the dashboard with Trendz View. You can do this using ThingsBoard dashboard aliases and Trendz View - with filter alias from Trendz widget Bundle.

Example: we have 10 Machine devices in ThingsBoard. We want to create a dashboard that will show all Machine devices in a list and once device selected - other widget on the dashboard should show details about selected device. In total we will have 2 widgets on the dashboard:

  • Entity List - will show list of devices
  • Trendz view - line chart that will show temperature of selected device

On ThingsBoard side we setup a dashboard and add 2 widgets. Detailed instruction how to do this is not part of this tutorial, so here are brief steps:

  • Create all_devices alias that resolves all devices with type Machine
  • Create selected_device alias with type entity form dashboard state - this alias hold reference to selected device


  • Add Entity List widget and use all_devices alias as a datasource
  • Configure On row click action that will save selected device to selected_device alias
  • Save dashboard

On Trendz View side:

  • Open view in Trendz
  • Add Machine field to filter section - it will allow us to filter Machines by name
  • Save View
  • Copy Link to this view

Return to ThingsBoard Dashboard:

  • Edit dashboard
  • Add Trendz View - with filter alias from Trendz widget Bundle to the dashboard
  • Set selected_device as a datasource for Trendz View
  • Use name as a key from alias


  • Switch to Advanced tab
  • Insert link to view into View URL
  • Insert Machine into Filter Name - content of this field should be the same as it typed in Trendz View Filter
  • Save Dashboard

image image

Now, every time when selected_device alias updated, value if its Entity Name would be inserted into Trendz View filter.

If multiple filters configured in Trendz View - system will match required filter by name.

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