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Data Filtering

To get better results during analysis it is required to filter data from noisy sources or we want to focus on a concrete subset of entities. Drag-n-drop fields that you want to filter on into Filter section and apply the required filter.

You can apply filters even on fields that are not used for actual data visualization. For example, during energy consumption analysis, we want to filter out all empty apartments and focus on apartments located on the second and third floors. Here is how our config will look like:


Filter Options

You can filter by any field that is present in the ThingsBoard:

  • Asset/Device Name
  • Asset/Device Label
  • Asset/Device Owner (Customer)
  • Attribute
  • Telemetry field

Filter types and conditions:

Filter support following field types:

  • Numeric
  • Text
  • Boolean
  • Date

To change filter condition - click on the filter field and select the required option:


Filter by hierarchy (relation)

If you have relations configured between assets/device then you can filter by hierarchy.

For example you have Buildings and each building has relation to Apartments. If you need to focus on apartments only from 1 Building - you should drop Building name into Filter section and selected required building. As the result view will contains only apartments from selected building.

Same logic work if you want to filter asset/devices by customer that they belongs to.

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