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White Labeling

Starting from Trendz version 1.11, you can now customize certain branding settings. These options include editing the following interface elements:

  • Logo and favicon (icon on the tab of the browser).
  • Name of the browser tab.
  • URL path customization (the part that comes after the domain name).

You can configure these settings in the Trendz Settings page in White labeling section.

Trendz logo and favicon

All major image formats are supported for uploading. The recommended size is 64 by 64 px. But other sizes will be supported. After uploading a new image and pressing the Save button, the logo and favicon will change.

Name of the browser tab

This field can accommodate up to 128 characters. It’s worth mentioning that while most browsers might not fully display all of them.

URL path customization

  • Self-managed: If you are using the self-managed option (Trendz is hosted on your own server), then this field can contain arbitrary text. Limit - 128 characters. Remember that this is part of the url. Therefore, for a more correct display of words, you need to separate them with hyphens.
  • Trendz Cloud - you cannot set custom text, but you can use the generic word analytics