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ThingsBoard Roadmap

The product roadmap listed below covers only main features and does not cover small improvements and bug fixes.

ThingsBoard CE


  • Simplified widget configuration;
  • Dedicated dashboard for gateway management;
  • New card widget
  • Bugfixes;


  • Migration to JDK 17.
  • Alarm rules:
    • refactoring to separate entity;
    • simplified configuration;
    • support of more complex conditions;
  • Notification system: Support of push notifications to mobile apps.
  • Diagnostics system. Automatically detect issues in the system configuration and notify the tenant administrator. For example, wrong script in the rule node or issues with external systems: sending emails, sms, etc.
  • Numerous usability improvements;
  • New widgets and rule nodes;

See active development in progress here and work on latest release bug fixes here.

Upcoming releases

  • Support of revocable API keys instead of JWT tokens for programmatic REST API access;
  • Improvements to IoT Gateway;
  • Ability to save dashboard parameters (time intervals, etc) per user;
  • JavaScript Device/Gateway SDK;
  • Single sign on;