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Entity Views

Feature Overview

ThingsBoard (TB) Entity Views (EVs) are available since v2.2. This feature was requested by many TB users. Similar to SQL database views, which limits the degree of exposure of the underlying tables to the outer world, TB EVs limit the degree of exposure of the Device or Asset telemetry and attributes to the Customers. As a Tenant Administrator, you are able to create multiple EVs per Device or Asset and assign them to different Customers.

Supported use cases:


Entity View contains the following information:


It is important to understand how TB handles telemetry and attribute updates, and how these changes affect Entity Views.

Time series data view

All time series data is stored in the database on behalf of the target entity. There is no time series data duplication to any of the Entity Views. When a user opens a dashboard or performs a REST API call on behalf of the entity view ID, the following actions take place:

Attributes view

Entity View automatically copies specified attributes from Target Entity each time you save or update this entity view. For performance reasons, target entity attributes are not propagated to entity view on each attribute change. You can enable automatic propagation by configuring a “copy to view” rule node in your rule chain and linking “Post attributes” and “Attributes Updated” messages to the new rule node.


Future improvements

There are the following features in ThingsBoard Road Map:

Next steps