ThingsBoard Documentation

Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.



ThingsBoard logs are stored in the following directory:


You can issue the following command in order to check if there are any errors on the backend side:

cat /var/log/thingsboard/thingsboard.log | grep ERROR


You may enable prometheus metrics by setting environment variable METRICS_ENDPOINTS_EXPOSE to value prometheus in the configuration file.

These metrics are exposed at the path: https://<yourhostname>/actuator/prometheus which can be scraped by prometheus (No authentication required).

Getting help

Community chat

Our Gitter channel is the best way to contact our engineers and share your ideas with them.

Q&A forum

Our user forum is a great place to go for community support.

Stack Overflow

The ThingsBoard team will also monitor posts tagged thingsboard. If there aren’t any existing questions that help, please ask a new one!

If your problem isn’t answered by any of the guides above, feel free to contact ThingsBoard team.

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