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Rule Chains

Rule Chains page

Rule Chains Administration UI page displays a table of configured tenant rule chains. Each rule chain has a separate card. You are able to do following operations:

See Rule Engine documentation for more details.


Rule Chains import/export

Rule Chain export

You are able to export your rule chain to JSON format and import it to the same or another ThingsBoard instance.

In order to export rule chain, you should navigate to the Rule Chains page and click on the export button located on the particular rule chain card.


Rule import

Similar, to import the rule chain you should navigate to the Rule Chains page and click on the big “+” button in the bottom-right part of the screen and then click on the import button.


Note 1: All imported Rule chains are Not Root Rule Chains.

Note 2: If imported Rule Chain contains references to other Rule Chains (via Rule Chain node), then you will need to update those references before saving Rule Chain.


Possible issues while importing the rule: