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Documentation for using ThingsBoard IoT Platform.

Claiming devices

Feature Overview

The claiming devices feature allows a ThingsBoard (TB) customers to assign tenant’s non-assigned device to themselves without tenant’s involving. In order to enable claiming devices feature a system parameter security.claim.allowClaimingByDefault (in the file /etc/thingsboard/conf/thingsboard.yml) should be set to true, otherwise a server-side claimingAllowed attribute with the value true is obligatory for provisioned devices.

The claiming flow consists of two steps:

Whenever claiming is succeed the device is being assigned to the specific customer. The claimingAllowed attribute is automatically deleted in case the system parameter allowClaimingByDefault is false.

In addition, there is a possibility to reclaim the device, which means the device will be unassigned from the customer. The claimingAllowed attribute will appear again in case the allowClaimingByDefault is false.

See the following for more details regarding the above steps.

Device Claiming

In order to send the claiming initiation message TB supported transport protocols are used. The message body have two parameters: secretKey and durationMs, which may be optionally specified. The secretKey parameter adds security in claiming process. The durationMs parameter determines the expiration of claiming time. After receiving the message, the claiming info for particular device is saved in cache. In case the secretKey is not specified, the empty string as a default value is used. In case the durationMs is not specified, the system parameter device.claim.duration is used (in the file /etc/thingsboard/conf/thingsboard.yml).

Sending claiming message

Please see the Device API references to get the information about the message structure and topics/URLs to which to send the claiming messages. You can use the MQTT Gateway API that allows to initiate claiming of multiple devices per time as well.

Device claiming confirmation

The second step is to confirm claiming by sending POST request to the following URL:


The supported data format is:


Please note the message does not contain duarationMs parameter and the secretKey parameter is optional. However, its value must be equal to the secretKey value from the first step, i. e. in case the secretKey is empty in the first step, it should be empty at this step as well.

Device reclaiming

In order to reclaim the device, you can send DELETE request to the following URL:


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